CREDA provides consulting services for needs assessment and feasibility studies, strategy and project design; monitoring and evaluation in the fields of democracy, good governance and sustainable development.

CREDA’s core expertise is providing high quality independent program evaluation, monitoring, impact assessment, and strategic advice to help all the parties involved determine how effective and cost-efficient their programs and policies are, and how they might be improved. 

CREDA specific expertise is in the following areas and sectors:

  • Civil society: citizen participation, advocacy for policy change, public outreach and work with the media, NGOs development coalition building and campaigns;
  • Good governance: at national and local level: constituency links, transparency and accountability, cross-sector partnerships and interaction for sustainable development;
  • Priority sectors: sustainable regional and community development, social inclusion of disadvantaged groups (Roma, children) and interethnic relations,
  • Functional areas: strategy development, evaluation, organizational development, programs design and project management